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Last night, the sister and I had a girly date. We had a date with Roxette! And we’ve been waiting for a long time for this evening. I got the tickets in January as a birthday present for her.

I’ve LOVED Roxette since I was a teenager. I knew the lyrics to all their hits and was at their Singapore concert waaaaaay back in 1995. Yes, a good SEVENTEEN YEARS AGO. I watched them with my polytechnic friends back then when we were students. Till today, I remember the stage backdrop of a white background with a giant sunflower against it. No fancy costumes, no dramatic dance moves. When Marie sang “It Must Have Been Love” while playing on a grand piano, the entire hall was silent. It was goose-bumps inducing, in a good way. I still remember it till today…

So yes, we were both excited to bits about their concert and on days leading up to it, we couldn’t stop talking about it. I was also looping their hits on my music playlist.

I don’t know about you but when I walk through the Indoor Stadium doors and enter the main arena, I get insanely excited. Maybe it’s the anticipation vibe in the air at hearing all those familiar songs that I so love once again. Honestly, I don’t care how they look like. I never did. I just LOVE THEIR SONGS.

At about 8.30pm, the lights dimmed and we were off! They kicked off with “Dressed for Success” which got us on our feet. Check out the rest of the audience in front of us:


Anyway, never mind them. The entire concert was almost like a mass karaoke session with everyone singing along to the familiar tunes such as “Dangerous”, “Dressed for Success” (they started with this song!), “Fading Like A Flower”, “How Do You Do”, “Joyride”, “Listen To Your Heart”, “The Look”, “Sleeping In My Car” and the sister’s favourite “Spending My Time” which they kept as one of the encore songs. They actually did 2 encores instead of 1.

I can’t remember the exact list of songs they sang but the ones that I wanted to hear, they sang. Here are some concert videos I got from youtube:

How Do You Do & Dangerous

The Look

It Must Have Been Love

A quick summary of some of the songs performed

I actually took a couple of quick videos but in ALL the 3 videos I too, you hear the sister and I warbling at the top of our voices. And I’m too embarrassed to share them here. Hur hur.

We also noticed that Marie was walking very gingerly off the stage and was also helped by Per (the other member of the band). I thought that she had hurt herself but when I read this entry on her, I was gobsmacked. In 2002, she found out that she had brain tumour and after undergoing a surgery to remove it, followed by months of chemotherapy and radiation, she is now blind in the right eyes.


Talk about tenacity.

I thought back about the concert and find it completely amazing that despite all that, she is still rocking the stage. I did notice that she did not move around as much as her bandmates and now I know why. Also, she’s 54 years old. FIFTY-FOUR and going on a world tour.

I was both inspired and humbled. I wonder what I’d be doing when I’m 54. Hmmm.

There weren’t any fancy backdrop or costume changes – save for the time when Marie removed her jacket. There weren’t OTT declarations of love to the audience although the guitarist did a solo of the classic local song “Singapura“. Children of the 70s/80s will remember this one. All the expats in the audience looked a tad clueless. Heh. It was unadulterated pop music at its best performed by professional musicians. I also loved that everyone on stage (all 7 of them, if I remember correctly) stood in a row and bowed twice at the (real) end of the concert. The night ended with Marie walking toward Per and he held onto her gently, walking slowly together off the stage…

That’s professionalism, that’s partnership. A rather perfect partnership.


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