A big Chinese dinner

Last night, I made dinner for 2 special people. Well, 3, if you include the boy. I sat downn, planned the menu (like a chef, yo), wrote down all the ingredients, then headed to the supermarket to get them. On the menu?

  • Babi Chin (stewed pork belly, nonya-style)
  • Coca Cola chicken wings
  • Stir-fried mixed vegetables
  • Steamed garoupa
  • Lotus root soup with pork ribs

It was possibly the first time I’ve attempted so many dishes at one meal so it took a bit of planning. I started to make Babi Chin at 2pm so that there will be ample time for the meat to stew and soften. The vegetables were fried last as it took all of 3 minutes. Just before the vegetables, I made the chicken wings. I have to remember that it takes quite a while for the water to evaporate so I’d probably have to plan better the next time I make this dish again! The soup was boiled concurrently with the stewed pork. And all this was done on 2 cooking hobs. Pffft.

Previously, I used to end up with cold food because I’d cook them too early and by the time dinner came around, most of the dishes would have turned cold. Cooking is really a matter of timing, I’ve since realised. My next aim is to leave the kitchen in less of a mess after making a chinese meal. And oh, less washing up too. I need to be able to wash as I go but there’s either no space or no time!

Anyhoo, I’m quite happy how the meal turned out last night. I think everyone had happy bellies. Burp.


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