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A doggie’s tale

I had a bad night last night and didn’t sleep much. Ended up waking up with a bad headache. Decided I’d take the day off to take it easy . Mum came round with Domo and we took the doggies to nex.

First stop: The dog park on level 4R. It was a tad too hot so we didn’t stay very long.

Next stop: Doggiestyle Cafe located 5 steps away from the dog park. We met a white mini schnauzer named Pepper and he was celebrating his 1st birthday. Domo was being his kay poh self, sniffing at Pepper but he only had eyes for Moon…

In fact, for the rest of the time that we spent at the cafe, Pepper wouldn’t let Moon out of his sight. Poor girl had to seek refuge beside me on the lovely red sofa chair.


As a midday treat, Moon even got to share Domo’s lunch and she gobbled it up in 2 seconds.

Finally, we took our leave with Pepper no where close to winning Moon’s heart. Awwww.

– The end –



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