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Nat Geo’s Free Pet Shop

Last Sunday, we headed down to East Coast Park’s carpark D1 to Nat Geo’s Free Pet Shop. It is the largest dog adoption drive supported by various dog shelters to find good homes for their dogs. There were also pet-related booths for current dog owners to check-out. Mom and Domo came along too!

There were loads of people and loads of dogs of all shapes, sizes and colours. I wish I had brought my camera!

I was helping out for 2 hours at the Therapy Dogs Singapore booth (more on that in a later entry) and Moon hung out with me at the booth. She met a new friend Teddy whose owner gave her some apples which made her a very happy girl. That’s Teddy and Moon in the photo at the bottom-right corner. Many visitors also came up to me to ask if Moon was up for adoption. Hur hur.

We even managed to snap a free picture at one of the booth managed by DeDamselfly Photography. I was actually just standing by watching others have their photos taken with their pets when the guy ushered me to the photo wall. So off we went!

As you can clearly see, I had no time to tame my crazy hair. Pffft. I love how happy Moon looks though! The photographer’s assistant was waving this fluffy thing and shouting at the dogs to get their attention. Works wonders at getting the dog to look at the camera, as you can see! I also ordered some wholesome dog biscuits from The Barkery‘s booth. Can’t wait them to be delivered in early March.

After I was done with my duty, we decided to rent one of these cute 2-seater tricycle thingies (what do you call them?!) and a bicycle. At first, Moon was running alongside my bicycle but it became too dangerous to continue as the cycling track was way too crowded. Have you seen East Coast Parkway on a weekend? Pure madness. Also, I don’t understand why strolling people insist on walking on the cycling track. RAH!

Decided to let my mum’s helper ride the bicycle while we placed the dogs on the tricycle. As you can see from the pictures, Moon looked like she was really enjoying the ride. Domo was a bit more nervous but then again, he was balancing his (big) butt on a tiny tricycle seat so I guess he was a bit nervous about falling off. Heh.

A most lovely day out with the furbies!


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