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We have new Japanese curtains!

Recently, we did some improvements to the home and one of the mini projects involved putting up a Japanese curtain (or noren) at the bathroom door of our master bedroom. We had such a hard time trying to find places in Singapore that sell it that I decided to blog about it so that in case anyone reading this blog needs to find such an item, you can get the information.

After pages of research on the internet, I managed to hunt down a little shop at Bugis Junction called Akihabara located on the 3rd floor. It’s chocked full of items imported from Japan so if you’re trying to find anything Japanese, this would be your best bet. They have a file containing the various noren designs with various prints and lengths so we’d point to the ones we like and the helpful sales assistant would hunt it down for us.

We didn’t want anything too complicated (as it’d clash with the design of our bedroom) and finally, we settled on a seemingly boring and plain one, like this:

Apparently, the various animals represent various good things, i.e. good luck, prosperity, happiness, the works. Apparently, it reads as “Yi-Ro-Wa-Ni-Hon-Jin” and it means…

Japanese Inn!

Tee hee hee. So now, our bathroom is an inn. Okaaay.

So yes, if you need to buy a Japanese curtain, you can go check out Akihabara at Bugis Junction.

Bugis Junction #03-25


3 thoughts on “We have new Japanese curtains!

    1. Hey Rachel! Thanks for leaving a comment. I’m glad that you found it useful. Like I wrote in this entry, we had a hard time looking for the Japanese curtains in Singapore so thought I had better write it down 🙂

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