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Of a reunion dinner & sky lanterns

Our reunion dinner with the boy’s family took place on CNY eve’s eve so on the actual CNY eve, we headed back to my parents’ place for the 2nd reunion dinner. Check out the amount of food my mum prepared!

And this wasn’t all! There were a couple more dishes sitting in the kitchen but the table has run out of space. Wahahahaha. Before dinner commenced, we had to do the all-important lo-hei.

Check out the steamboat pot – it’s filled to the brim and I couldn’t get to the soup! Heh. As usual, we ate till our stomachs could eat no more. And yes, there was A LOT of leftover food that could easily last for another 3 days and feed about 5 pax. Or more.

After dinner, it was time to prepare our sky lanterns. During a jaunt to Chinatown with mum the week before, I bought 3 coloured sky lanterns for $10. They are usually white in colour, like this:

However, I think because it’s CNY, the ones on sale were of auspicious colours, i.e. red, pink, orange, etc. I bought 3 because I thought it’d be nice to write our wishes on them and release them into the night sky on CNY eve.

So we got down to writing our wishes. Dad went first…

Next up was the sister and our family friend, E…The sister was checking the internet for wishes written in Chinese. Heh.

Finally, it was our turn and Mum’s…The boy was drawing a dragon for me. Awww.

Once we are were done with writing our wishes, it was time to head to the Lower Pierce Reservoir just behind my parents’ place. The boy brought along glowsticks so we each took one and hung it around our necks. The 2 doggies came along too and yes, they each had a glowstick on their collar too. Pity it was too dark for photos!

The air was still (there was a heavy downpour in the early evening) which were the perfect condition to release the lanterns. Too windy and it’d get blown away! My parents went first, the sister, then us:

Each time the sky lantern lifted into the air, my dad would yell out very loudly: Huat ah!

Up up and away!

Once all 3 lanterns have disappeared from sight, the whole family took a slow stroll home to welcome the year of the Dragon. It would be a night that I’d remember and hopefully, we can do this every CNY.

I randomly asked the boy where do the lanterns go. I was expecting him to give me a scientific answer but he said, matter of factly: It went up above the clouds and reached the Gods up in the Heavens, so they can read our wishes and fulfil them.



6 thoughts on “Of a reunion dinner & sky lanterns

  1. Your family’s so sporting and that was such a meaningful thing to do together to celebrate CNY. The boy is sweet – and he’s a lefty! D too. Does it mean that you’re always on his right? (cos that’s the way it is with us.)

    May all your wishes come true.

    1. Yes, he’s a lefty! Hmm, I don’t notice if I’m always on his right. He’s definitely the more creative one, like most lefties! Thanks for your lovely wish. We hope they will too 🙂

  2. it looks like you have a really close knitted family. im envious. my CNY eve wasn’t like yours, the family had a major fight, till now it is not resolved. happy for you.

    1. Hi JT, well, the truth is, when growing up, my parents used to have a shouting match every. first. day. of. CNY. EVERY. So despite all that you see, it’s not all perfect family 🙂 Every family has their own set of issues and problems. Hang in there girl. I’m sure it will sort itself out soon.

    1. Until it’s spelt out explicitly that it is *not* legal, I guess it still is! I mean, I don’t think we need a license or permit to release lanterns into the sky, right?

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