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Sydney: Day 5

It was the weekend in Sydney and today (Saturday), we headed to the local market – Paddington Market, to be exact. It is only open on Saturdays so we couldn’t miss it! On the way there, I spotted this interesting sight – a cat hospital!

And just so you know, I took this picture for all my cat-loving friends out there 🙂 And they’ve even got a pretty comprehensive website. Anyway, back to the market. There were so many pretty shops and so many things to see! I was mad excited.

This is not like the pasar malam market we have back home. Most of the products were locally or handmade and more importantly, prices were anything but pasar malam-like. I bought stuff from these 2 shops – Pretty In Pink and Mooza Designs. Pretty In Pink sold really pretty wristlets, pouches and all sorts of little pouches. I wish I could buy them all but then, the boy was keeping an eye on me. Tsk. Mooza Designs made pretty hand crafted signs for the home. I bought a male/female WC sign for our bathroom door, something like this (taken from their website):

And the word ‘Laugh‘ for our living room:


After our jaunt to the market, we even found ourselves at a city art gallery. Free entry!

So arty farty eh? Hur hur.

Just down the road from the art gallery was a city reservoir called Paddington Reservoir Gardens. It used to be a reservoir but has since been turned into a nature respite in the middle of the city.

It has a sunken garden with lush greenery and even has a couple of houses at the side. We spied a male resident wearing only his boxers, grabbing a drink from the fridge. I’m not sure who was more shocked. Heh. We spent some time just taking in the greenery and I couldn’t resist the urge to do jump-shots.

Woohoo! This turned out to be one of my favourite photos from the holiday. Such unbridled happiness 🙂

After all that jumping, shopping and sight-seeing, it was time for a late afternoon snack. Our hosts took us to an Asian place near their home called Aseana Food Village. Between the 4 of us, we shared two dishes – bak chor mee (hehe) and nasi campur. Check out the amount of bak chor! You can barely see the noodles.

After that lovely meal, it was time for a walk at the Centennial Parklands. There were loads of black swans! It was a pity that we didn’t have any bread with us.

On our way back to the house, we stopped by Coogee Beach for a stroll. The deep blue skies, the crashing waves, the cool breeze on our faces….it was truly GORGEOUS.

The boy took this photo and I got reminded again that nature’s amazing.

I could sit and stare out at the sea forever…but we had to head off for a nice dinner at a rather fancy Japanese restaurant called Toko.

It was one of the highlight meals of our trip. Every dish was exquisite and the true flavour of the food shone through. I’m drooling just thinking of the food we had that evening. Mmmmm…..

Our feasting didn’t end there. We headed off to a Hungarian cafe/bakery called Kurtosh.

These freshly-made-on-the-spot sweet bread is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Yummy! A perfect way to round off another perfect day in Sydney.


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