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Little miss ene

I stumbled upon this picture while clearing out boxes of old stuff. Thought of The Pleasure Monger’s entry on kids and telephones.

That’s me at my very first home, a kampong house at Yio Chu Kang Road. The inflatable rabbit toy is larger than me! And check out that old dial telephone. I remember that I loved dialing the numbers just for fun. I also realised that the telephone was sitting on a bowling trophy and I have no idea who it belonged to. Did you notice that I had my legs crossed stylishly? I bet it was my Dad’s idea.

Dad was always putting me in funny stuff and taking pictures. Like this:

Like, why was I wearing funny glasses? What book was that? And was I wearing a night gown?! This was taken on the front porch of the same kampong house. I think this was my Dad’s idea of wanting me to grow up to become a lawyer. Hur hur.

Ahh….nostalgia 🙂


6 thoughts on “Little miss ene

  1. Oh my gosh. you were soo tiny and cute! Your dad is fun. We had that same red telephone too till the phone company took it away and replaced it with the ugly beige push button. But now even worse. We have to buy our own 😉

    1. My dad loved to dress me up and make me pose in front of all sorts of stuff. I have a picture of myself standing IN some Christmas decor along Orchard Road, with a huge sign that clearly says “Keep Clear. Lightning hazard”. Hur hur.

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