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miss ene gets cookin’!

I’ve been in a bit of a cooking mood lately. First, I whipped up this 3+1 meal. Last night, I decided to try making one of my favourite Thai dishes – Stir fry minced pork with basil, topped with fried egg.

It turned out surprisingly good! And it was really easy. I followed this recipe generally but added long beans for a bit of fibre and colour. Also, I seasoned the meat which made it a tad too salty. Next time, I’d leave out the seasoning and cook it immediately. A definite keeper, especially for weekday dinners! What’s there not to like in this all-in-one meal?

Tonight, I decided to use the leftover long beans and made fried rice for myself. The boy has a night out with the rest of the boys.

I also learnt a couple of tips about frying rice from my colleague who’s in F&B:

  1. Season the cold cooked rice with salt and pepper. This will make the fried rice more fragrant.
  2. Fry the lup cheong first so that the fragrant oil is left behind. Set aside the lup cheong, then fry the egg into an omelette. Usually, I would fry the egg last and it’d be soggy and a bit gross. Once the egg is done, throw in the garlic/onion, rice, lup cheong, etc and fry away.
  3. When adding light sauce to taste, pour it into the side of the frying pan, NOT onto the rice itself. The sauce will bubble up in the heat and you can then toss the rice onto the sauce. Ahhh!

I have to say that this was the best fried rice I’ve made for myself! It was definitely more flavourful than the previous versions that I’ve made. I’m so glad to have learnt some tricks to making a decent portion of fried rice. Another easy peasy quick dinner for a weekday.

What are some of your favourite weekday dinners from your kitchen? I’d love to learn more!


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