miss ene makes cupcakes!

I’ve always stayed away from eating cupcakes because the ones I’ve tried were always unbearably sweet. I do not have a sweet tooth so naturally, I wasn’t a fan of cupcakes. Until I tried the ones from twelve cupcakes and realised that hey, cupcakes need not be sickeningly sweet. When we were recently in Sydney, I ate a lemon and p*ppyseed cupcake from The Cupcake Bakery and found it too sweet. However, I did enjoy the citrus-flavoured cupcake.

When I spotted a bottle of p*ppyseeds at Coles in Sydney, I grabbed it and brought it back to Singapore. I wanted to try making my own lemon and p*ppyseed cupcakes! Don’t they look like tiny little grapes? So cute.

Side note: Did you know that poppyseed is on the BANNED list in Singapore? I did not know that! *jaw drop* When I googled ‘p*ppyseed Singapore’, the first link on the page was….*drumroll*….the Central Narcotics Bureau. Yes, the people in-charge of drugs in Singapore. I only found this out when I baked my cupcakes and brought them to work, and my colleagues asked how the hell did I get hold of poppyseeds in Singapore. Hur hur. Will I get thrown in jail or erm, face the death penalty since I now have – gasp – a bottle of – double gasp – poppyseeds sitting in my kitchen? Apparently, if you eat too much poppyseed bread/cupcakes, etc, you can get a false positive in drug tests. RAH!

Right. Now that I’ve got that out of the way, let me tell you about how my cupcakes turned out. I followed this recipe from BBC GoodFood because it seemed easy enough. It also got lots of good reviews from those who have tried it. For natural yogurt, I bought Pauls All Natural Yogurt which can be bought easily from NTUC or any of the local supermarkets. I did not realise that cupcakes required yogurt until this recipe! Oh, and don’t forget to sieve the self-rising flour (it was not stated). Lastly, for the icing, I cut the sugar by half (200gm instead of 400gm) because I was afraid that it’d be crazy sweet. Also, I don’t think the yellow food colouring is necessary because the original colour was already yellow.

Presenting, miss ene’s lemon and p*ppyseed cupcakes!

It was my first time icing cupcakes so please pardon the uneven lines. Also, I think I was a tad heavy-handed with the topping. Gotta use a dollop next time instead of 3 swirls. That’s a bit too much! Also, the top of the cupcakes did not turn out flat so it was hard to do the topping evenly. Boo. But! The insides were soft and fluffy and it wasn’t too sweet. Yeay!

The recipe’s definitely a keeper. Will be attempting it again but this time round, shall try it with cream cheese topping.


2 thoughts on “miss ene makes cupcakes!

  1. I love cakes and muffins with poppy seed. Lemon poppyseed muffin, German Mohnkuchen, Mohnschnecken and even rolls or bagels with poppy seeds. What a shame that I can’t find it in Singapore!

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