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miss ene eats: Best muah chee in Singapore

I am not a big fan of muah chee (glutinous rice snacks with peanuts). Most of the ones I’ve eaten are not made very well and I end up choking on them. Gross. However, the boy recently introduced me to a little stall at Hougang Avenue 8 which is, thankfully, very close to where we live. He extolled it’s yumminess and kept telling me that it’s the ‘best muah chee EVER’.

So finally, one day, we headed over to the kopitiam in search of this yummy muah chee. I took one bite and ohmygawditwassogood!

It was soft and melt-in-your-mouth. It wasn’t gooey or sticky which is my pet peeve with this snack. I noticed that the stall uncle would lightly tap the balls into a small bowl of fried onions (葱油) before rolling them in peanut. I think that makes all the difference as it gives it a really fragrant touch. Mmmm….

Last weekend, we headed back to the kopitiam again and as usual, ordered one portion of muah chee to share. The boy came back with this:

The black sesame version! Apparently, it is only available close to Chinese New Year. I had no idea why until I read this post on ieatishootipost. Apparently, this dish is used to entice the God of Fortune into our homes. Ah! The black sesame gave the snack an interesting twist but I think I still prefer the original peanut version.

When was the last time you had muah chee?


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