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Cooking up a storm

Well, not quite a storm but whenever I attempt to make a full-on Chinese dinner, the kitchen looks like a storm went through it.

So yesterday, I decided on a whim that I’d take the afternoon off from work and spend the afternoon preparing dinner. We eat out most of the time and honestly, it gets boring. There’s only that many packs of fried rice and hor fun you can da bao. Here’s the dinner menu:

  • Three Cups Chicken (三杯鸡) – Something that I’ve always wanted to try but never did get the chance to.
  • Lotus Pork Rib Soup (莲藕排骨烫) – One of my favourite soups that I’ve made a couple of times but never perfected.
  • Baby bok choy with garlic and oyster sauce (蒜蓉嚎油小白菜) – The all-important vegetable dish that looked easy enough.
  • Biscuit-crumb pork chops – The boy’s favourite. I asked his mum for the recipe and it sounded really easy.

I searched around the internet for recipes and found the recipes for the first 3 items from noobcook. The recipes are clear and easy to follow for a noob cook like me 🙂 I started preparing the ingredients and boiling the soup from 3pm. I like to ensure that everything is cut and prepared ready so that all I need to do when dinner time rolls round is to cook them.

I have to say that I was pretty impressed with myself 🙂 All the dishes turned out pretty well except that the soup was top diluted. Again! I never learn. I have a habit of putting too much water into the pot. Pfffft. The chicken and pork chops were surprisingly easy. I guess marinating the meat beforehand helped in the flavours. I also learnt that one does not need to fry the vegetables. Instead, blancing them in boiling water for 30 seconds is good enough. New trick learnt!

The boy came home after work and when he learnt that I was making his favourite pork chops, he did a happy dance with Moon outside the kitchen. And that made the work all worth it 🙂

It is probably a simple dinner for many but it took a lot of effort on my part. Not sure when I’d be repeating a dinner of this scale though. Preparation and washing up took up too much time and effort. Boo.


5 thoughts on “Cooking up a storm

  1. Everything looks real yummy! The cleaning up after cooking always put me off cooking. Bleh! Whatsmore, I have a tiny kitchen and I do not want to get started on the oil smell! My poor hubs! Keke!

  2. That biscuit pork chops look really good!! Now I wanna try them.. Can share recipe or is it a secret? 😉 And preparation and washing does take up a fair bit of time. Quite lucky that the dishwasher here in Geneva does the washing for us.. Hehe..

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