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Making tau huay – Attempt #1

Last Saturday, we spent a good part of the afternoon in the kitchen. The boy wanted to try making the famous tau huay after discovering the recipe while I wanted to attempt making lemon and poppyseed cupcakes. More on the cupcakes later.

First, we made a trip to Phoon Huat at Hougang to purchase the all-important instant jelly powder. It came in a huge bottle!

Next, it was off to NTUC to either purchase packet soya bean milk or soya bean powder. In the end, we bought Vitasoy soy milk. But we did spot the soya bean powder which is the exact ones stated in the recipe. We also grabbed a packet of Coffeemate creamer – another vital ingredient.

Once we got home, the boy couldn’t wait to start.

Measured out all the ingredients and soon enough, it was ready. We did not have an oil sieve so had to make do with a normal sieve. And this is the outcome:

Yes, we saved the plastic bowls from the real shop for our experiment. Hur hur. The verdict?

We have a long way to go before we reach the standards of the real deal. Ha. The texture was too jelly-like (see picture above). More importantly, the taste was far from the original. We attribute it to the Vitasoy milk. We will continue to experiment and keep everyone updated.

PS. I had a look at my blog stats and loads of people are searching for ‘lao ban tau huay recipe’. Ha.



4 thoughts on “Making tau huay – Attempt #1

  1. Haha, you guys are so cute! I remember being all excited about this supposed Famous Amos cookie recipe circulating on the net a few years ago. Of course, my attempt tasted NOTHING like the original. My mother was all “I told you so! If it were real Famous Amos would be out of business!” So true. Good luck with your experiment!

    1. Haha yeah, I’ve heard of that Famous Amos cookie recipe before too. Actually, the boy is starting to get the taste of the tau huay so we may crack the code soon!

  2. Try using less jelly powder for a softer texture. Maybe use fresh soya bean milk for better taste? Evaporated milk instead of creamer?

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