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An encounter with the Sengkang stray dogs

Earlier this evening, we drove to Sengkang Riverside Park for a run with Moon. It’s turning into our weekend routine – run about with Moon followed by dinner. The sun has set and save for a few cyclists and joggers, the park was deserted.

We allowed Moon to run off leash only under these circumstances and also because we know that she doesn’t dare to go far from us.

We were approaching the end of walk when the boy took a detour back to the carpark, using a quieter route. We usually do that as there are less people and Moon can continue to be off leash.

As we were walking and chatting (with Moon running about 10 meters ahead of us, exploring the surroundings), the boy suddenly shouted: Oh no, stray dogs!

I stopped in my tracks and saw 3 stray dogs – 2 black and 1 brown – sprinting towards Moon and barking in an agitated manner.

I froze.

Thankfully, the boy reacted way faster than I did and sprinted to Moon. He also shouted to her to ‘Stay!’ which got her staying put. When she saw the boy running towards her, she started to run towards him as well. All this time, the silly girl looked quite happy and was oblivious to the unfolding drama.

In one quick swop, he grabbed Moon and carried her in his arms. The dogs continued to bark and approached us.

This is when I remembered Caesar Milan’s advice: To always be the pack leader. To stand firm and tall.

(Watching TV is great!)

Which is what I did.

And it worked! The dogs stopped in their tracks when I glared back at them. Two backed off.

We continued to walk on but glanced back to see if they were following us. They didn’t give up! They continued to follow us and honestly, I was a tad nervous. I was afraid that they might lunge at us.

So I shouted a very loud and firm ‘No!’ while pointing my finger at them. That’s what we do to Moon when we want her to follow our command.

That did the trick. The stray dogs gave up and ran off into the grass.

There’s been quite a bit of news in the media recently about the Punggol stray dogs (Facebook site here) so I’m wondering if the ones we encountered are the ones mentioned. I am quite sure they were behaving such because we were the intruders into their territory, hence the reaction.

I have nothing against stray dogs (please don’t cull them!) but the way it ran towards us at high speed, barking their heads off, unnerved me a bit. And mind you, I’m not afraid of dogs! I can imagine how others who are afraid of small dogs (or have a young child with them) will feel if they encountered the same. I do hope the stray dogs get rehomed soon.

Anyway, I’m glad that Moon did not lunge towards the dogs and actually heeded our commands. It was also heartwarming to see the boy sprint towards Moon to protect her. Awwww. In fact, he continued to carry her in his arms until we were quite a distance away.

What an adventure we had today!


3 thoughts on “An encounter with the Sengkang stray dogs

  1. WOW that was close. Gooby once got attacked by non-stray but super aggressive dog who was off-leash 😦 I think the strays are not harmful if not agitated [yes don’t cull them!], and thank goodness Moon is alright! 😀

  2. Ohhh man! Scary. We got barked at and approached by a couple of strays while walking along the MRT track recently – think the strays hang out under the train track and along the canal. Territorial. I love dogs too but such behaviour can be pretty unnerving. I panicked a little and quickened my step but Dan reminded me to stay calm and walk normally.

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