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Moon learns a new trick!

Last night, on a whim, I decided to teach Moon a new trick which is to “paw”, i.e. giving me her left front paw when asked. It is said that a greedy dog is the easiest to train and I’m starting to believe it! I took out a box of milk ball snacks and her eyes refused to leave it. I’m proud to say that she learnt this new trick in about half hour. Woohoo!

Moon learns to paw – Take #1 (the fail version)

And she gets it right! Cue hoorays and lots of positive encouragement.

*beams proudly*


One thought on “Moon learns a new trick!

  1. Good Moon! I agree that the greedier they are, they more desperate they are to perform the commands that will get them treats. My goldie was like that too. Wish it worked the same with babies.

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