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Sydney: Day 2

Sydney is 3 hours ahead of Singapore. However, this did not translate to us waking up earlier. Hur hur. We woke up at about noon (local time) and I’m glad we had a lie-in. It was time to hit the city! Mr SJ had very sweetly bought us bus tickets and printed the bus timings as well as a city map. True hospitality, I tell you.

The bus-stop was located right outside their home so we headed out in time to catch the next bus. I love it that the bus timings are clearly printed. No need to spend unnecessary time waiting at the bus stop. It was another cool (but sunny) day which meant that I couldn’t wear my shorts and singlet. Out with the cardigan!

Our first stop? The Sydney Opera House!

As you can tell from the pictures, the sun disappeared behind the clouds which made it even colder. Brrr. And this is supposed to be SUMMER?! Pffft. After our quick spot of sight-seeing, it was time to hit the shops. We spend the afternoon traipsing along George Street, the shopping artery of the city. As Christmas was round the corner, all the shopping malls were decked out in Christmas finery and it was really pretty. I also scored some cupcakes (lemon and poppyseed cupcake and red velvet!) at The Cupcake Bakery. They were A$3.50 (S$4.50) each! Gulp. Found them a tad too sweet for my liking. I still prefer the cupcakes from twelve cupcakes.

We checked out Queen Victoria Building – or QVB as it’s known locally. You can read about its history here. It was also in this building that we discovered the awesome household store aptly named ‘Victoria’s Basement‘. We spent quite a bit of time oohing and aahing at the relatively cheap household wares and this was where we picked up an…

…egg boiling spoon. And a melamine picnic bowl from Jamie Oliver. Yes, we carried household stuff from Sydney back to Singapore. I can now officially wear the aunty tag.

After an entire afternoon of shopping around the city, we headed back home on the bus again. The public buses are clean and the drivers are normal, i.e. no sudden jerking movements or slamming on the brakes randomly. It was a lovely bus ride to and from the city.

When we got home, our hosts were already home and yes, Mr G was making dinner again. I also had a lovely surprise in the form of a bunch of red roses. Awwww.They are just too sweet.

We sat around the dining table chatting about our day and before long, dinner was served. And what a glorious dinner it was! Just look at it!

It was a three course dinner (THREE!), starting with salad, soup and garlic bread, followed by starters of fish (for me) and lobster mornay (for the boys). Main course was steak with black pepper sauce and sauteed onions. How absolutely YUMMY! We ate till we couldn’t eat anymore.

We had to turn in earlier because we were leaving for Blue Mountains the next day for a night’s stay. With very happy and full bellies, we ended another gorgeous day in Sydney.


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