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Big breakfast!

Amongst the many things that we carried back from Sydney, we hand carried (yes, by hand!) home a ScanPan. Yes, we brought home a sauce pan all the way from Australia. It was a gift from Mr G who found out that I was on the verge of throwing out my old frying pan. He had the exact pan in his kitchen and wanted to pass me the second brand new one. How can I resist?

I used it last weekend to make a big hearty breakfast. And wow, I must say that it is really different using a good (titanium) pan!

Yes, that’s a twin yolk in one egg! Totally unexpected but it made me smile. How cute. I also popped some bruschette into the oven as I lurve them.

And here’s the result of our big breakfast!

This is the boy’s set. One of the egg yolks burst on my plate so it isn’t as pretty. Still yummy though! Burp.


2 thoughts on “Big breakfast!

  1. Ooh Scanpan is good then? Our Greenpan is losing its non-stickability. And I refuse to buy Tefal.

    And that looks like a super awesome Big Breakfast!

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