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Visiting Little E

Miss Vwas back in Singapore for a visit and it was the first time I was meeting her little bubs, E. Poor lil’ E had the cold so he was sniffling and a little feverish. However, that didn’t stop the happy little chap with the biggest eyes from grinning all the time. Too adorable for words!

He loves the camera and whenever you called his name, he’d look at the camera and smile. Awww. He also didn’t mind me carrying him and kept giving me lots of toothless grins. *heart melt* Naturally, he took a fancy to the red necklace I was wearing and proceeded to stick it in his mouth. Hur hur. I got him the pair of Cookie Monster booties as a Christmas present so hopefully it’d keep his little toes warm in London.

See you again very soon lil’ E! You’d probably not be very little by the time I next see you though.

Side note: I just realised that there are lots of stripes going on in the picture above – my dress, E’s jumper, the booties and the pillow in the background. Ha.


6 thoughts on “Visiting Little E

  1. I cannot decide who has the biggest eyes here – Ethan, you or Cookie Monster.

    And is that an octopus squirting ink on his jumpsuit? It’s SO CUTE!!!!!! Arrrrggghh. Too cute!

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