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Roast chicken – Version 2

We were going to have a quiet Christmas Eve dinner this year and I decided to roast a chicken. Haven’t cooked for a really long time and roast chicken’s not too difficult. I have a recipe from Jamie Oliver that I usually use but thought I’d try a different recipe this time round. Found one on serene’s blog – the end product looks juicy and yummy!

Bought the necessary ingredients from the new Cold Storage at Changi City Point and did the preparation work one day before so that I don’t need to spend too much time preparing it on Christmas Eve itself. It was a good call. All I had to do was to put on some final touches before popping it straight into the hot oven.

I have to confess that I misread the recipe and added lemon juice into the tarragon+butter mix. It was supposed to be with the honey that goes on the chicken after 30 minutes of roasting! Doh. I also added (back bacon) bacon bits to the tarragon+butter mix that goes under the chicken skin. It made the skin really flavourful. Mmmm….

And this is the end result:

We invited the MIL over for dinner too and was glad she was here to help finish up the chicken and roast potatoes. In fact, we still have leftover chicken! It’d probably go into a sandwich tomorrow.

It was a really simple dinner with family but it was nice. I hope you had a lovely Christmas Eve with loved ones too!


3 thoughts on “Roast chicken – Version 2

  1. The colour of that roast chicken looks amazing! How do u always manage to get the skin looking so crispy? And totally random, what flavour are those Red Rock Chips? Looks like a new flavour.. Hehe

  2. Thanks ladies! The skin wasn’t as crispy this time round as compared to my previous recipes (where there’s butter and bacon rubbed onto the skin). This recipe calls for honey to be slathered onto the chicken so maybe that helped! Chips are Grilled Chorizo & Caramalised Onion that the boy bought in Sydney. Yes, we carried it back!

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