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I went off and chopped off my hair again. This time, I really chopped it off. It isn’t a bop. It’s literally lopping off quite a bit of hair. I got tired of constantly rebonding my hair (every 4-6 months, depending on how long I can stand my unruly curly hair and frizzy baby hair!) and decided that perhaps it’s time for a radical change. Besides, the New Year is a good time for change, yes? After a few quick snips by Dexter (my stylist whom I’m followed since he started out – some 11 years ago), this is the result.

This is me at the salon after the cut. No styling, no colour. Just freshly cut. It was liberating. Very liberating. I literally felt light-headed. My stylist suggested that I colour and do some highlights so that the cut wouldn’t look so ‘flat’ and I agreed.

2 men working on my hair. Hur hur. I like that these days, you don’t need to put your head into one of ’em claustrophobic steaming machines. I used to hate them. Side note: I had to use the bathroom when I was halfway through so had to run off to the Ladies with foil in my hair. Ladies in the toilet gave me weird looks. I think they couldn’t decide if I was being fashionable or just plain mad.

And this, my friends, is the final result of 3 hours at the salon. If you look really carefully, you can see subtle highlights in my hair.

As usual, I step out of the salon looking gorgeous after undergoing magic under Dexter’s hands. I can never, ever recreate the look when I’m on my own at home no matter how many times I practise. Pffft. The problem with such short hair is, (1) I’d need to always wear eyeliner when I step out of the house (2) I’d need to style my hair if I don’t want to scare people on the streets (3) I’d need a trim every 6 weeks or so. Hmmm.

Yay or nay?


11 thoughts on “Chopped!

  1. Absolute yay! Looks perfect on you! I could never do something like that though as it involves too much styling (other than the fact I have a fat face!)!

  2. yay!!! that’s a huge move and im sure u are so glad to have made the decision. i have been having long hair for ages but i cant bear to cut it short and chic like u did! i always tell my friends im boring when it comes to hairstyles lol.

  3. Yay for sure! The highlights really give dimension to your cut—great choice of colours. And lucky you for finding a keeper of a stylist. I’ve been hopping from one to another for the past 7 years!

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