Moon has tummy troubles

Two days ago, Moon started to refuse her twice-daily meals. This was not the first time she has done it but usually, with some cajoling, she’d eat up all her food. Not this time. No matter how we tried to make her eat, she wouldn’t even go near it. All she did was to take a sniff at it and walk away. I tried offering her a bowl of her favourite milk and instead of jumping all around in excitement, she licked it up reluctantly.

Now, that was strange.

We also noticed that she looked a little less energetic than usual. Also, she was giving out really smelly farts. Like, really smelly ones. We started to suspect that there was something wrong with her tummy since she was gassy and refusing food.

It was time to head to the vet.

Made an appointment at her usual vet – Pet Clinic at Serangoon Avenue 4 which is a stone’s throw away from our place. This is the same clinic we went to when she had the eye infection. It was my first time to the clinic as previously, it was my mum who took her.

The clinic was pleasantly neat and tidy. There was a nice waiting area and even a large bench outside the clinic if you preferred to wait in a non-airconditioned area. We didn’t have to wait long for our 4pm appointment and got to speak to the resident vet, Dr Robin Au.

I explained the situation to him and he recommended that an x-ray and blood test be taken from Moon to find out what is causing her loss of appetite. I left her inside the room while I waited outside for a bit before the nurse carried her out. I was so proud of my little girl – she was really well behaved and allowed the nurse to carry her without any trouble. I felt like a proud Mama 🙂

The same nurse also did a little experiment by giving her some soft food to see if she’d eat it. She gulped it all up and licked the bowl clean. I was wondering if she was just being fussy and was actually healthy! I mean, hey, she gobbled down the food?! Nurse shared that the soft food was a test to see if she’d eat it because if she refuses it, it would mean that that her condition is a lot more serious and she may have swallowed something that is now stuck inside her digestive system. This would mean an operation. Gulp. Thankfully, she ate up all the food greedily which means it’s probably nothing major.

After a quick 15 minutes or so, her blood test results were out and we were ushered into the consultation room again.

Check out the numbers in red. Her glucose level was insanely low at less than 10! I asked Dr Au what would be the consequence if it dropped further and he said she would probably collapse. Oh my. He shared that the numbers in red were typical at this stage as she hasn’t had food for an entire day, hence the low results for glucose, pancreas and potassium. He assured me that these numbers should go back to normal once she gets some food into her system.

The x-ray also showed that she has air bubbles trapped. It looked like a bubble necklace! No wonder the poor girl has been farting like an old man. Based on the x-ray and blood test result, it was obvious that there was something wrong with her digestive system.

She was given an injection (brave girl did not flinch – I felt so proud again. Hur hur) and I was told to monitor her situation. If she continues to refuse food, we had to head back to the vet pronto. She was given three types of medication, plus a tube of BeneBac pet gel which, according to websites, ‘helps to maintain beneficial microbial population in the digestive tract’. Something like acidophilus for humans, me thinks. Along with the medication, she has 6 cans of the soft food she ate earlier – something to help in the recovery process.

I was also given a copy of her x-ray report as well as the blood test. I was then presented with the bill which I had braced myself for (I knew that x-rays and blood tests at a vet was going to cost quite a bit. Gulp.)

Total bill = $335.40. Double gulp.

Soooo expensive lah.

On our way home in the lift, Moon gave me a big cheeky grin. This was her usual grin which was missing for the past couple of days. I guess the poor girl was feeling uncomfortable but obviously, can’t express herself verbally to us. Awww. Her happy grin looked like it was saying ‘Thanks for taking me to the doctor because I feel so much better now!”

After our jaunt to the vet, she became more active. Soon after, perhaps due to the injection and a more comfortable tummy, she settled down to nap…

…with one leg sticking out, on the plastic bag containing her x-ray, no less. Ha.


7 thoughts on “Moon has tummy troubles

  1. Hope Moon gets well soon.. and I totally feel you on the medical bills that we have to pay for our fur-kids.. if only they are covered by some insurance..

  2. Moon was certainly a brave little gal to have gone through a blood test, x-ray, AND injection all in one visit to the vet. Maple would have protested by walking herself out the door. Hope Moon is up-and-about and getting her appetite back again!

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