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The birthday boy and his ugly cake

We had a quiet celebration for the boy’s birthday this year. The mum and sister were over in the day and we all chipped in to make him his favourite carrot cake with pecan and walnuts.

As you can see, it wasn’t the prettiest of cakes but it was one made with a lot of love and heart. The nuts lining the bottom of the cake? That was my (weird) idea to fill up the space under the uneven cake. Note to self: It doesn’t work. Do not attempt it again.

The boy was coming home in a cab from work and we were rushing to put the cake together. We quickly lit the ‘Happy Birthday’ candles but who would have thought that the candles melted at an insanely crazy rate?!

Damn you cheap candles.

This meant that by the time he walked through the door, it looked nothing like ‘Happy Birthday’.

I’m not sure what the boy was surprised by – the ugly cake, the cannot-make-it candles, or the actual surprise. Or perhaps, all of the above.

This photo makes me laugh – I did not realise that we had a photo bomb moment. I think the culprit had no idea too.

And in case you’re wondering why we don’t have a picture together, I looked like a total mess after rushing to put the cake together so no, no picture. Just one of the birthday boy, the dog and the ugly cake. Moon actually looks like she’s smiling for the picture. Maybe she thought she’d get a slice of cake (she didn’t). Also, notice how they’re in matching colours? Heh.


10 thoughts on “The birthday boy and his ugly cake

  1. I LOVE the crumbling candles! So… organic. Nice touch to the cake, really. Laughed out loud at the part about filling the uneven underside with pecans!

  2. Yeah, can I have a slice of the carrot cake as well (pretty please)? 😉 Happy (belated) birthday to the boy and cute that both the loves of your life are in matching outfits.

    1. Yes definitely but like The Pleasure Monger, you can bake much better than I do. I’m sure a carrot cake is easy peasy! I mean, jeez, you girls make macarons! >.<

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