Heading Down Under!

This is a slightlyoverdue post but we have booked our year-end holiday! Woohoo! We’d be heading Down Under to Sydney as we managed to score some decently-priced tickets on SQ ($1991 for 2 pax, all in!). The boy and I have an ex-colleague SJ who lives there and he has very kindly offered to put us up at his (very lovely) home. We’d be there for 7 days and will spend 1 night at Blue Mountains. Psst, this is the boy’s first trip Down Under!

We’re going to keep it very easy peasy so we haven’t actually settled on any itinerary. Well, except that we’d be renting a car from Sydney and driving to Blue Mountains. After surfing the web for yonks and my eyes became crossed, I finally settled on The Falls Mountain Retreat. Much of the accommodation at Blue Mountains are of the old vintage kind, i.e. many of them are more than 100 years old. Call me a city girl but I don’t quite fancy staying at a old manor. I’m a (very) light sleeper which means that any sort of sound that goes ‘bump’ in the night will freak me out.

I must say, the photos on the website sold me but paranoid me also looked up tripadvisor for travellers’ views on the property. Turns out that it’s generally positive so we went ahead to book it for one night. Here’s my entry on the actual experience!

Pretty gorgeous eh? The property only opened in 2006 so hopefully, the actual product won’t differ too much from the glossy photos. There’s nothing worst than building up my expectations and then being greeted with a lower-than-expectations place. Anyway, in any case, we’d only be there for one night so I’m sure it’d be fine.

In the meantime, if you have any recommendations on places to eat at and shops to check out, leave me a message! I’d be most grateful. Thank you 🙂


6 thoughts on “Heading Down Under!

  1. You have to head to Coreli’s for their fabulous WAFFLES! And of course go check out Harry’s Pies at Wooloomooloo (can’t remember how to spell) 🙂

    If you love those big Aussie brekkies, head to Glebe. Nice cafes there.

  2. Hello there! How was your stay in the apartment? 🙂
    I am looking for accommodation in Blue Mountain and boy, it’s a challenge to find something decent that are within my budget.

    1. Hey travelnblog! The apartment was good! Check-in lady was very friendly and helpful (gave us maps, tips on where to eat, etc), the place was quiet and very clean. It’s also relatively new so we were one of 3 occupied units! I reviewed it here:

      Only downside is, it is not in the main area of BM so you might get lost trying to find it (like us!). Then again, with a rented car, it’s easy to move around. Hope you find something you like!

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