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miss ene makes it to Typo!

I finally visited Typo at Wisma Atria the other day. It’s a long overdue visit! First read about the quirky shop from Serene and thereafter, Lady J made her way there and brought back lovely pieces for the house. I’ve been eyeing the mail holder she bought and finally! I’ve got my hands on it. Hip hip hooray to a less cluttered house! Our mail used to lie all over the dining table, above the shoe cabinet, etc.

There were only red and white ones left for sale and since our living room’s pretty much white, I thought that the red would make a nice contrast. Along the way, I picked up these for our bedroom’s book shelf:

I love these Scrabble-inspired letter blocks! Bought the white bird as a separator. I’m just a little miffed that ‘J’ is worth 8 points while ‘S’ is only worth a paltry 1 point. Pffffft.

Side note to Lady J: I almost bought the ‘dog’ block too! Decided that it doesn’t look like Moon at all so decided to get the bird instead. Only realised that you have the ‘dog’ block too when I re-read your entry while writing this one. Hur hur.


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