Bath time is fun!


Bath time for Moon and the boy made her a hat out of soap bubbles. Awww.


8 thoughts on “Bath time is fun!

  1. Moon gets a shower once a week, usually on the weekends. I wish I can shower her more often though but dogs shouldn’t shower more than once a week. Sometimes, she gets quite smelly. Heh. Takes a full hour to shower and dry her!

  2. Oh, that is so cute! Moon looks like she is enjoying this ‘spa’ moment. Hmm, now I’m thinking I ought to make bath time a little more fun for our munchkin… maybe if I could find a rubber ducky for Maple to play with while she gets lathered and rinsed 😉

  3. Was looking for raincoat for my mini schnauzer when I stumbled into your blog. Will b addin you on my daily reads links if u dun mind. My Molly is the same color as yours too!

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