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miss ene eats: Wimbly Lu: I really wanted to like you…

I was a golf widow last Saturday. Not wanting to waste a perfectly good Saturday staying at home, I decided to catch up with a dear friend Miss S over brunch. She suggested that we check out Wimbly Lu which was a stone’s throw away from my place. I was glad that she was the one driving as I would have struggled with a map to figure out where was Jalan Riang, the location of the lil’ cafe.

Once you get to the quiet lil’ estate, it was hard to miss the old-school VW Beetle parked outside the cafe. I believe it belongs to one of the owners. The name of the cafe is a combination of the two owners’ names.

The first thing that struck me about this place is the absolutely lovely glass ceiling which allows natural light to pour through. GORGEOUS! It was a wet Saturday and it was most lovely having brunch while the rain fell outside. Also, the menu’s handwritten. How quaint.

I also love that there were different types of chairs and tables dotting the cafe. That’s fake grass in the ‘garden’ in the picture above. I felt like Alice in Wonderland.

There is also a small play area for children stocked with toys and old-school books. No Spongebob Squarepants or Barney the Dinosaur spotted. I can imagine lil’ kids asking to come to the cafe just so that they can play at the play corner.

I ordered a hot chocolate and it came with 2 marshmallows covered in chocolate sauce. Miss S ordered her usual latte. I couldn’t help but notice that the ‘heart’ on her latte is wonky and my hot chocolate was spilling over the sides, staining the serviette beneath the cup. Hmm. But hey, drinking water is self-service and free flow. (My pet peeve is cafes/restaurants charging for plain water. Hmph).

Miss S and I originally wanted to share our breakfast so we chose different items on the menu. I had the ‘Mini Grand Slam’ while she opted for the ‘Crepe with Garlic, Mushroom and Cheese’. With a name like ‘Mini Grand Slam’ and costing $9, I was expecting a relatively filling breakfast, ala Arbite breakfast.

Our food soon arrived.

A little…underwhelming, yes? The plates were very pretty and quaint but with a name like ‘Mini Grand Slam’, I was expecting something more substantial. Perhaps I was used to large breakfast sets served at other cafes but to be honest, I think the breakfast set I whip up at home looks more appetising. Taste wise, it was nothing out of the ordinary. In fact, the poached egg was a little too ‘wet’ and some parts of the egg white looked undercooked. The bacon was miserably small and burnt. The piece of bread was hard and cold. I also had to ask for butter which came straight out of the fridge which means that it was rock hard. Tomato was too squishy for my liking so I completely did not touch it.

My friend’s crepe was better but it was something you can probably whip up on your own quite easily. Also, the combination of garlic, mushroom and cheese can’t go wrong.

Suffice to say, I was thoroughly disappointed in my breakfast. Thankfully, the lovely conversation with Miss S made up for it. Granted, Wimbly Lu is first and foremost a dessert and chocolate place so food is probably not their priority. We did not try any of their desserts as we were too busy catching up.

To be fair, service was warm and friendly without being pretentious which was a big plus point. I went to Wimbly Lu wanting to really like the place but after the disappointing food, I am not too sure if I’d be returning soon. Not for food at least. I read that the waffles are to-die-for so perhaps we just ordered the wrong stuff on the menu. As we were leaving, Miss S shared that Jules (right beside Wimbly Lu) and Fat Cat (down the corridor) is pretty good too. Shall remember to check them out the next time we need dinner suggestions on a weeknight.

Wimbly Lu
15-2 Jalan Riang
Singapore 358987
Tel: 6289 1489


4 thoughts on “miss ene eats: Wimbly Lu: I really wanted to like you…

  1. I haven’t tried the food here…just the desserts which I liked.

    I just got a long comment on my blog that someone else was disappointed by the very small salad….there’s a whole story behind it that he/she revealed.

    The portion size of your brunch items look quite dismal. Definitely doesn’t fit the expectations with a name like Grand Slam. I would still be famished with those portions.

    I guess perhaps main meal at Jules and then dessert here….which is what I did the last time.

  2. Just had a really bad experience there with my friend last night. My friend had a walnut, mango avocado salad which had like a few misely pieces of avocado in it. The cost for that salad was 8 bucks which I thought was overpriced if thats all the salad had in it. But that’s not what my complain was all about. My friend then decided to ask the waitress whether if she could have more avocado and the waitress said ok. She went into the kitchen and came back with a tiny bowl containing a few more slices of avocado, to which at that point none of us said anything and we were perfectly happy with it.

    Half way through our meal, the cook a lady (owner) came out and approached my friend, she approached us with an obvious attitude problem and asked my friend about the avocado “complaint”. She then proceeded to tell my friend that she had given her half an avocado and that my friend had probably made a mistake and couldn’t differentiate the difference between avocado and lettuce. To which, angered my friend and I as we had only asked for more avocado nicely but did not demand so. We then proceeded to tell her that she could have merely told us that she could not give us more if she was not happy too and we would have accepted it. Instead we had our evening spoilt by her bad attitude and rudeness towards us. She also proceeded to show us half of the avocado skin indicating that she used it in the salad and then told us that she and her colleague ( the waitress) had a disagreement, she said that the waitress wanted to give more avocado but she did not want too. To this I replied that it was between her and her colleague and that we do not care to know.

    The cook retaliated more and afterwards stomp off to the kitchen and she shut the blinds. ( hahaha childish I would say)

    After that my friend and I decided to leave with our food half eaten, as our mood was already ruined. We went up to cashier and paid up. The nicer waitress was apologetic ( I suspect she might be the co-owner) and gave us a discount but we insisted on paying full price as we did not care for that.

    I agree with the stingy portions and not fantastic meals served there. Thankfully for you, you did not ask for more. I live around the corner and I would definitely never go back there again. Their food is not only less than mediocre, stingy portioned and overpriced, but even the nearby kopitiam service and attitude is better than that cook there. All I can say is that, with an attitude like that, no wonder the food she cooks don’t taste so good. I can’t say about the dessert as we had left before we had a chance to try any! But from the looks of it, they don’t look that great either. Extremely disappointed. Will NEVER go back there again and I WILL NOT recommend this place to anyone. If their service and food don’t improve in time, and I highly suggest they hire a professional cook, or else when novelty wears out , good luck to them.

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