Mr Chou is back!

I used to be a HUGE fan of Jay Chou. Like, HUGE. I had all his CDs, followed his life career closely, listened to his songs everyday, attended his concerts, the works.

Then I grew up.

Also because I thought that he’s putting his finger in too many pieces, dabbling in movies, the F&B business, etc etc. Just make awesome music, damnit! Then again, on hindsight, I guess he had to look for alternative ways to make (even more) money seeing that K-Pop is all the rage now.

I was so out of touch that I had no idea that he is releasing a new album “Exclamation Mark” (惊叹号) this month.

Listened to a few tracks on youtube and so far, I like these:

Listen carefully and it’s obvious that he used Auto-Tune. Whyyyy?! Tsk. Also, I couldn’t stop giggling at the bit where he’s dancing in his leopard-preen tank top (!) and jacket. Snigger.

This was love at first listen for me. He should just stick to ballads. Seriously.

What do you think? I know that there are a couple of (closet) Jay Chou fans who read this blog 😉


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