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Missy Jellyfish

After Mr Octopus, the BFF made another toy for Moon. This time, Moon gets Missy Jellyfish!

Inside Missy Jellyfish’ head is actually Moon’s squeaky ball. Unfortunately, there is no longer a squeak as it got muffled by all that yarn and stuffing.  Nonetheless, Moon was entralled by her new toy and couldn’t stop playing with it.

I even managed to film a short clip of her and her new toy. Pay attention after 39 seconds – Moon decided to ‘attack’ the tentacles with a vengence and attempted to yank them out. I hope they are double-stitched…

And yes, the background noise is provided courtesy of Cesar Millan’s ‘Dog Whisperer’ which was rather apt, I thought. Heh.

All the intense playing soon took a toll and someone promptly fell asleep…

…but not without first ensuring that Missy Jellyfish is within easy reach. Hur hur.


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