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Lil’ things that make me happy #6

Saturday evening, flopped in front of the tv having a TVB drama-marathon.

Me: I feel like eating carrot cake.

The boy: What type? Black or white?

Me: Hmm…the white type.

The boy: I go buy for you?

Me: Huh? No lah. I’m just saying. Don’t trouble yourself.


10 minutes later, at the end of one episode. The boy picks up the car keys and puts on a decent t-shirt.

Me: Eh? Where you going?

The boy: Going to buy carrot cake for you.

Me: Huh?! No no, never mind. I was just saying only!

The boy: It’s ok lah. You want to eat mah. See you later! *goes out of the door before I can protest further*


I think that I, quite possibly, have the sweetest husband in the whole wide world.


11 thoughts on “Lil’ things that make me happy #6

  1. Ooh.. the boy is definitely in the running for ‘Best Hubs of the Year!!’ :).
    You are so blessed!
    Must get me hubs to read this!! :p

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