Cheap cheap getaway

In early October, I spied a 2D1N Batam Escapade on Groupon. It was going for $140 for 2 pax. This works out to be $70 per pax. That’s a pretty good deal, no? Accommodation’s at the relatively-new Harmoni One Convention Hotel. I’ve been to Batam a couple of times and honestly, there’s nothing much to do except to check out the cheap “Polo” shops, buy local produce and shop at their “megamall” which is anything but mega. However, a getaway is better than no getaway eh?

I’ve already made my reservations with LDAC Tours located at Balestier Plaza. Although the replies were really prompt, the level of professionalism left much to be desired. Nonetheless, as long as the short getaway package is booked on the dates that we want, I’d be happy. Poor yAnn had a less-than-stellar experience at Groupon so I think we had better stick to cheap buys (i.e. less than $200) on the site.


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