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miss ene eats: Eno-Oka Japanese Restaurant

It was a public holiday yesterday (Deepavali). After spending the best part of the day lazing about, I decided that I want to have shabu-shabu for dinner. We’d usually make our own shabu-shabu but the boy decided that it’s too much work and that we should just head out to have some. I searched around online for a decent shabu-shabu place (no buffet please!) and found this place located at Cairnhill Road called Eno-Oka Japanese Restaurant. I called to make a reservation for 7pm and the lady asked “if we are using any coupons”. Did a bit of snooping around on the internet and found out that Groupon actually had a promotion for it. Tsk. And no, we did not have any coupons.

We parked at Centrepoint to do a spot of shopping before dinner and then started to make our way there. I did not realise that it was quite a trek! If you exit from the Cairnhill exit on CTE, it’s the row of shophouses on the right as you  make a right-turn towards Scotts Road. And yes, there are no parking facilities nearby. The closest would either be Paragon or Cairnhill and you’d have to walk uphill towards the restaurant. Not the most accessible restaurant and as the boy said: This had better be worth it!

After what seemed like we were working very hard for our dinner, we arrived at the brightly-lit restaurant. It’s the only restaurant in the row of conserved shophouses so it’s quite hard to miss. For such an obscure restaurant, it was surprisingly crowded! I was glad I made a reservation.

Check out the retro-looking Asahi beer posters on the wall. So classic! We ordered shabu-shabu (of course) and had the Kurobuta Pork Loin set. We also ordered an extra portion of (normal)  beef. And that’s not all. We also ordered a side of grilled yellowtail and vegetable tempura.

Before the food arrived, the soup broth (non-spicy please) appeared on our table first. There were also 3 types of dips – sesame, light sauce and ponzu. Soon after, the broth came to a boil and the meats arrived. If you’re a vegetarian or do not like the look of raw meat, look away now.


Meat meat and more meat! They were all thinly-sliced which made it really lovely to eat. Along with a steaming bowl of Japanese rice and the sesame dip, it was heavenly. Mmmmm…..It also helped that it was a really cool evening since it rained pretty much the entire afternoon.

Special mention goes to the yellowtail. It took a while to arrive but it was almost perfectly cooked. The flesh was really soft and melt in your mouth. Yums! The vegetable tempura was pretty huge (2 large pieces!) and although pretty decent, wasn’t out of this world.

The total bill came up to about $92 which wasn’t cheap but I guess we’re paying for ’em Kurobuta Pork.

Eno-Oka Japanese Restaurant
No 56, Cairnhill Road
Singapore 229667
Tel: 68875527

Opening hours: Daily 11.00am – 2.30pm, 6.00pm – 11.00pm


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