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Frolicking in the rain!

It rained pretty heavily last evening so it was time to whip out the new raincoat for Moon! It was the very first time that we’re using it so I was eager to find out if it will keep her nice and dry.

As usual, she tried to remove it by sliding her entire body against the sofa but the moment the boy put the leash on her (bottom-right picture), she forgot all about it and was raring to go. The boy also quipped that now, I’d have to buy a matching red raincoat so that we are all matchy-matchy the next time we go out on a walk on a rainy day.

I love it that it fits her perfectly and best of all, her underbelly fur stayed lovely and dry. Now, where can I find matching red boots so that her paws stay dry too? Hmm…

In other related news, we recently won 2 tickets to watch the movie “Red Dog“, all thanks to this picture! The movie is based on a real-story from a novel with the same name.

It was a photo contest to showcase your pet travelling or with a passport, etc. Thanks for the tickets Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD)!

And lastly, here’s a bonus video of Moon and the boy playing with Mr Octopus last evening. Awwww.


4 thoughts on “Frolicking in the rain!

    1. She got quite a lot of stares when she was out with her raincoat. Heard a few girls go “Aiyo so cute! Wearing raincoat!”. Heh. Don’t think it bothers her though. She’s just happy to be out on a walk, rain or otherwise!

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