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Ben and Jerry’s Chunk Fest 2011

We had 2 little friends from Japan visit Singapore recently – Urara and Kirara (‘rara’ is pronounced as ‘lala’). They are a pair of sisters and we first met Urara when she was younger and staying at the homestay run by my mum. They are back for a visit and we’ve been playing host.

On a blazing Saturday afternoon, we headed to Ben & Jerry’s Chunk Fest held at the The Promontory @ Marina Bay. I always knew the area as the ‘big grass field’ and had no idea that it had a proper name. Heh.

It rained earlier in the day (event started at 2pm) which made the field crazy muddy. Urgh! And we were wearing nice sandals! Double urgh!

The cute sister pair with Moon and Domo. Urara’s on the right with the ‘I Love NY’ tee while Kirara’s the younger sis. They absolutely adore dogs and were perfect dogsitters. Every vendor within the FairGround only accepted FairCoins so we changed $30 worth (the colourful coins below). There were various booths dotting the field and one was a booth by Project Happy Feet. My colleague, Grace, is a co-founder and she was there to promote their very first Slipper Race! That’s her in the cheery red shirt in the top-left photo below. There were also game booths and booths selling merchandise.

I collected 3 signatures and redeemed it for a sticky notepad. One of the tasks was to take a picture with the B&J cow (main picture above). Mooo…..

There were 11 new flavors imported directly from the US and we bought 2 scoops (which cost us $10!) and although yummy, I can’t remember their names and found it a tad too sweet for my liking. We had $13 left and after checking out the Phish Market, we got a magnet and a cow udders bowl. Pointless but oh-so-cute. The boy also managed to score a B&J picnic mat. Yeay.

Oh and as we were taking a stroll around the area, who did we run into but Yi Lin and Coco! What a coincidence. And to think that Yi Lin recognised Moon and Domo first. Hur hur. The new mummy was busy wheeling baby Colette up and down the walkway in her baby pram while her hubby Dannie was checking out the fair. I hope he came back with ice-cream for the wifey! 😉

I was expecting more stuff to see at the fair but we were done in about half hour or so. The (very) muddy grounds coupled with noisy and jarring music blasting from the stage area (my poor ears!) did not help matters too. Pfffft.

We were asked to snap this picture for a non-profit project called “Blessings In A Bag”. Check out our funky headgear! What a lovely lovely photo. Pity my mum’s partially hidden. Awww.



2 thoughts on “Ben and Jerry’s Chunk Fest 2011

  1. I really wish I had remembered to take a pic with you and the dogs at Chunk Fest. And yes, Dan came back with a scoop of Spiced Chocolate for me and Late Night Snack for himself. I loved my chocolate ice-cream; his vanilla-based one – nah, not so much (what is it with men and vanilla?!) Lesson of the day – it’s really hard eating ice-cream in a cup and pushing a stroller…. Gonna get a cone next time – or a baby who doesn’t mind if the stroller remains stationary. And yes, the music and the muddy ground were terrible. Hope you guys, especially Urara and Kirara had fun, nevertheless. Where did you guys go after you were done with Chunk Fest?

    1. We walked along the concrete path around the Promontory and checked out the Marina Bay Gallery briefly. Ok, to enjoy the aircon. Heh. Did you see the Singa courtesy lions? They were so cute and brought back childhood memories. Sat around for bit before heading over to Clarke Quay for dinner 🙂

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