Little Red Riding Moon

The raincoat for Moon that I was talking about in this entry finally arrived 2 days ago on Tuesday. Woohoo!

As you can clearly tell from the pictures, Miss Moon wasn’t too keen on her new rain coat. In fact, she showed her displeasure by lying flat on the floor (top-left picture). Hur hur. Oh well. It will keep her fur dry (and clean-smelling) so deal with it!

We haven’t had a chance to test-run it yet though but I’m sure it’d be soon, seeing that weather in Singapore’s been pretty darn erratic. I do love the rainy (read: cooler) weather though. Even better if I get to sleep in. Ahhh….bliss.



6 thoughts on “Little Red Riding Moon

  1. hi , i am currently looking for one for my dog .the raincoat suits really nice with your pup but I would like to ask if he would like to do the toilet routine during his walk . Will he be able to do that ? Would it will dirty the raincoat? thanks a lot πŸ˜€

    1. Hi Anny Cady,

      Moon hates to wear it and will try and take it off when we’re still indoors but once the leash is on and we step out of the door, she forgets that she has a raincoat on! No issue with toilet routines as well as there’s an opening at the tailend for ease of use πŸ™‚ No, it doesn’t dirty the raincoat. Well, she’s a girl so she pees and poops neatly. Haha.

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