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miss ene eats: The Coffee Daily


The Coffee Daily is a relatively new coffee place (doh) located a stone’s throw away from our home. I love how the interior looks – all white with clean lines, accented with chairs with quirky and colourful prints.

The boy had a lattae while I had a drink called ‘Velvet’ with almonds. It’s non-caffeinated and was recommended by the owner when I wanted to order (boring) hot chocolate. Glad I took his advice because it was yums! The boy enjoyed his latte too and he’s particular about his coffee so I guess that’s a compliment.

Only downside: Their sandwiches were sold out when we were there so we ended up with a chicken pie which was decent but I wished I had something more substantial to eat.

It’s a quiet lil’ place to while away a lazy afternoon. Might get a little noisy if the cafe’s full though as the entire area’s closed in. Now, I just wish that they’d allow pets so that Moon can join us when we head there the next time…

The Coffee Daily
75 Brighton Crescent
Singapore 559216

Opening hours: Tue – Thu:09:00-18:00, Fri:09:00-16:00, Sat – Sun:09:00-18:00


4 thoughts on “miss ene eats: The Coffee Daily

  1. Loved the decor & coffee at this little place too. The velvet with almonds sounds lovely 🙂 yeah I think this place is more about the drinks & chilling out than the food. I always think, wouldn’t it be awesome to own a place like this? I would add a bookstore beside it….(still in my dream mode)

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