Rain rain come again!

I woke up to the sound of the pouring rain this morning. It was a day for brollies and cardigans.  “Woohoo! I can finally get to wear my rainboots today!” I also thought. The sister, who was in Korea a couple of months back, bought me a pair and I’ve been waiting for a chance to wear it.

And I did!

I took this picture at the carpark of my workplace but doesn’t it look like I’m in the middle of Fall at some exotic temperate country? Hur hur. Usually, I’d be trying to keep my shoes (and feet) dry by skipping and hopping past all the huge puddles on the ground but not today! In fact, like Yann, I was looking out for puddles to step into.

For some strange reason, wearing polka-dotted rainboots and carrying a bright pink bag perked me up very much despite the dreary weather ouside.

And yes, I wasn’t the only one with rainboots! Ah…it’s a blessing to have lovely and equally mad colleagues 🙂


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