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miss ene bakes a fudge cake

I attended a baking class by Shermay’s Cooking School last Sunday. It was called ‘The Ultimate Fudge Cake Workshop‘.

This was a hands-on session where we first watched the instructor, Joycelyn Shu, do a demonstration, before we got our hands dirty. The session took 4 hours. Phew! The only thing we had to bring along was our own apron and we’d get to take home a chocolate fudge cake at the end of it all. Yum.

Unfortunately, no photos were allowed during the session so I only managed some photos at the interval (just before the cake went into the oven) and the finished product.

It was the first time I was using the piping bag to pipe designs onto the cake. I thought I did a pretty decent job! Heh. Then again, if you looked really closely, they weren’t of the same size. Oops.

There are the cakes baked by our instructor for the demo. Some were used to demonstrate the finishing:

Overall, I thought the recipe was pretty easy to follow. Might try it someday. However, I found the fudge topping crazily sweet! It was soooo sweet (400 grams of icing sugar!?) that I cringed whenever I licked my fingers while whisking. Also, I thought the cost of $220 (for non-members) is pretty darn high. Thankfully, we have a yearly personal development fund from work that we can use so I only had to pay $20. Yeay.

miss ene and her cake!


3 thoughts on “miss ene bakes a fudge cake

  1. Haha.. I like the shot of you and the cake too! 🙂

    I noticed.. no mention of the taste of the cake. So was it as divine as all chocolate fudge cakes ought to be?

    I attended one of their classes before.. quite a few years ago and it was fun. We each got to bring home a pretty huge box of many many chocolate cupcakes that we personally decorated. So that was quite cool.

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