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Cycling at East Coast. Again!

After last Sunday’s cycling at East Coast where we had loads of fun, we decided that we’d repeat the fun today! This time round, we invited the in-laws along as they both enjoy cycling.

It was so cute seeing my in-laws getting all excited about being out and about. In fact, when we were settling the paperwork for the rental bikes, they took off and we had no idea which direction they went! Ha. I had to ring my MIL to find out where they were. The boy jokingly chided them for behaving like kids, running cycling off when the parents aren’t looking 😀

We covered quite a bit of distance today. When we stopped at the East Coast Lagoon Food Centre for a drink of sugarcane, I plonked Moon on the back of my MIL’s bike.

This photo makes me laugh. She’s quite a sweetie – doesn’t squirm and move about wildly when we make her do silly poses. Awwwww.

On our way back, we decided that Moon’s probably ran enough and the pathway was getting really crowded with hoards of cyclists, pedestrians and rollerbladers. The boy decided to put her….

…in his backpack!

It was a makeshift carrier because the zips wouldn’t stay locked so he had to cycle with one hand while holding onto her with the other. I wish I had taken a picture but Moon looked really happy with the wind in her hair fur.

After an afternoon of activity, guess who’s passed out cold at the sofa?



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