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Visiting Coco

Last evening, together with Yann, we visited Yi Lin and Colette at her home. Judging from the pictures Yi Lin has posted on Facebook of Coco (as she is affectionately called), I couldn’t wait to see her. She looks like a total darling and reminds me of Toto-Chan.

I think it’s the cheeks. Just look at Coco’s cheeks! *pinch* Just realised that both pictures have something on their heads – Toto-Chan has a little birdie, Coco has a pillow. Heh.

We brought along a little gift – Sophie Giraffe. Thanks to having a BFF who’s a mother of 2 kids, she was the one who told me about Sophie’s existence. Apparently, Sophie is made of 100% natural rubber and is BPA free. She also happens to be made in France and turns 50 this year! There’s a whole list of reasons on the official site why Sophie is awesome so naturally, we had to get the awesome toy for the awesome(ly) cute baby 🙂

In my excitement, I completely forgot to snap a picture of Sophie. Doh. But here’s a picture from the official site.


I was also a little apprehensive that Coco might already own a Sophie so we were so glad when Yi Lin told us that she didn’t own one. Yeay! Yann and I also took turns to carry lil’ Coco and as you can see from the pictures below, there’s a reason why she’s nicknamed ‘Lil’ Angry Bird’. Tee hee hee.

I have to say that most babies don’t like me carrying them. They usually squirm and twist their lil’ bodies all around and I’d be deathly afraid of dropping them. I then do the next best thing: Hand them back quickly to their momma.

Which is exactly what I did after the 2nd picture was taken. Maybe she didn’t like her photo being taken from her right side. You know what they say about good angles in photos.


2 thoughts on “Visiting Coco

  1. Awww, thanks babe! It’s so cool to have a blog entry dedicated to Coco (that isn’t written by well, her own mum.) Thanks for visiting – it was great seeing you girls. Sorry she went all Angry Birdie on you, but I’m sure it wasn’t cos of you – she’s just been in a feeding frenzy during the growth spurt this week.

    Thanks also for Sophie. She’s so nice and squishy. Can’t wait for Coco to grow a little bigger and set her hands on Sophie – if I don’t set my teeth into that expensive little giraffe first *bite*

    1. You’re most welcome! She is just soooo cute. And you know I’m saying that because she really is and I’m not just being polite 😉 You must take a picture of Coco with Sophie when she’s old enough to use it. Maybe you can try chewing it first. You know, do a test run? Haha.

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