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Raindrops keep falling on Moon’s head

Moon gets walked twice a day – once in the morning before we leave for work and a longer walk in the evening when we return. These are rain-or-shine events as she has been trained by her previous owner to relieve herself outdoors. All is well when it is sunny but when it rains, her fur – especially her belly fur and legs – gets thoroughly soaked. This means that the moment we get home, I’d have to use the hair-dryer on her fur or she’d get that wet dog smell which is gross.

This may sound odd to many but I decided that a raincoat is the best thing for her. Well, the boy tried to make one previously with limited success. I looked at all the pet shops I walked by but no one sold raincoats, let alone a suitable one.

I then turned to the internet or more specifically, Etsy. I bought her a couple of pretty collars from the website and decided that it’d be my best bet for that elusive raincoat. I also came across many raincoats on Amazon and they usually look like this:

Pretty darn cute but not practical because the underbelly isn’t covered or is only partially covered. We need something that totally covers the underbelly fur!

After hours on the internet, I finally found one that would fit our needs on Etsy:

(be prepared, you may laugh)


Did you fall off your chair laughing?


Ok, I know it’s not the most fashion forward piece of clothing but this raincoat works because it has a detachable underbelly strip! It is also made of nylon which is similar to a windbreaker. The seller was really friendly and prompt in her replies which is always helpful when you are trying to buy something.

Just placed an order for a made-to-measure red raincoat for Moon. Can’t wait to receive it!


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