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What a charm!

I casually mentioned to the boy a couple of months back that I love Pandora charm bracelets. I like that you can select your own charms to create your own special story. We stepped into their store at MBS when we were waiting to catch the Lion KingΒ but I realised that it was sooooo expensive. Couldn’t bring myself to buy one.

Last night, the boy whipped out my birthday present and guess what he got me?

My very own charm bracelet from Pandora! What made it even more special are the charms he selected:

[Images taken from Pandora’s website]

Because I received the charm bracelet as a birthday present.

Because I’m a lecturer.

Because I love pink and flowers.

Because Moon is part of our lil’ family.

This is the clip that separates the different parts of the bracelet. He chose this one with a little gold flower so that it “adds a little colour and jazzes up the bracelet”. My man has taste πŸ™‚

There was also a card accompanying the present and one of the line goes something like how together, we’d build up the bracelet with different charms marking our different “milestones” together.

Awwwww. How not to heart this boy of mine?

And yes, we will build up the bracelet together…


14 thoughts on “What a charm!

  1. Yay! Welcome to the Pandora Club! Haha! Your boy does have good taste! Your charms are all so pretty! Mine wanted to get me the present charm too, but we chose the 3 tier cake instead. (:
    On a side note, its rather addictive. I have to goin to look at the charms every time i pass by their boutiques.

  2. Sweet πŸ™‚ I got a Pandora from my husband for Valentine’s Day. Came with a baby stroller and a baby girl but I lost it recently. Upset max! 😦

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