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miss ene eats: Kim Choo vs Joo Chiat Kim Choo

I’m a big fan of Kim Choo‘s kueh chang or nonya chang, as I call it. For some strange reason, I’ve never photographed it despite eating it countless of times. I guess I was always excited about devouring the lil’ cuties and forgot all about snapping a picture.


Kim Choo is located at East Coast Road and whenever I am in the vicinity, I have to buy a box of 10 mini nonya changs. Prices have increased steadily over the years and now, it costs $9 for a box of 10. That works out to 90 cents per mini chang. Gulp. I love it because of its generous fillings with a sweet aftertaste. Even when microwaved (pop it in for about 1 minute with the leaves on – remove the raffia string first!), it still tastes great.


We have also noticed that there are stalls popping around the island called ‘Joo Chiat Kim Choo’. Naturally, we assumed that Kim Choo has opened branches to make it more convenient. We have also bought the nonya changs from the ‘branch’ at Ang Mo Kio Central Hawker Centre. However, I remember that the taste didn’t quite hit the spot. I just put it down to it being a franchise, hence the slight difference in quality.

The original Kim Choo along East Coast Road. Source

Last week, we were at Katong and naturally, we stopped by Kim Choo for our dose of nonya chang (and other kuehs – they sell these mini png kueh that are delish and cute!). Mum took the chance to ask about their other branches and that was when we discovered a bombshell (ok, at least to us):

<<< Kim Choo is not related to Joo Chiat Kim Choo at all! >>>

I spotted this sign on the original Kim Choo website:

Wow. Talk about a blatant rip-off.

Easterners would probably already know this fact but to us, it was big news! I now know why the nonya changs I got at the ‘branch’ did not taste quite the same. I didn’t taste bad but it was a far cry from the original.

And I just had to blog about it just so that you now know too, especially if you’re a nonya chang nazi like I am 😀


2 thoughts on “miss ene eats: Kim Choo vs Joo Chiat Kim Choo

  1. thanks for the alert…it’s gonna be only the East Coast Nonya bachang for me. Thanks for including a picture too so I know what to look out for.

    Love the sweet savoury taste of this snack.

    Yeah it’s sad how newer food stalls blatantly rip of the name of more famous places. But once people find out then they lose all credibility….don’t they realize that?

    Anyhoo, great investigative reporting Miss Ene 🙂

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