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The jump shot: RESULTS!

Remember the jump shot blog entry? I intended to run the poll till end of September but decided to close the poll early and remove it as the top post because I was winning anyway people who wanted to vote, would already have voted.

Here are the 2 entries again:

It was funny reading some of the comments that friends made about the shots.

“I voted for the boy because his background is nicer”
“The blue sky in the boy’s photo is very blue!!”
“I love Hoi An so I’m biased, hence I voted for you”
“He looks like he’s playing basketball! So cute!”

My dear readers, it was about the jump, not the background lor. Tsk tsk. The next time we do another series of jump shots, I shall ensure that all variables remain constant, i.e. the background and location will be exact.

Anyhoo, a total of 48 readers took part in the poll (thank you!) and *drum roll*…here are the results:

miss ene garnered 63% of the total votes so woohoo! I won! 😀 Unfortunately, there is no real prize in winning except for bragging rights. Tralalala.

Thanks again to all who voted! *beauty queen wave*


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