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English at its finest

We have walked past the above sign a couple of times and every. single. time., the bad English bugs me. Over the weekend, I was at My Village for lunch with the BFF (whom I haven’t seen in 3 months!) at Relish and I just had to whip out my phone to snap a picture.

NTUC oh NTUC, are you trying to tell us that previously, you were open for 24 hours but have since stopped? But the sign says “We are…” which means that it is current state.

If the largest supermarket chain in Singapore cannot get the English on their signage correct, I think that says a lot about the state of English in our little red dot.

Alas. A sad state of affairs indeed.


3 thoughts on “English at its finest

    1. I don’t dare to claim that I am the English know-all (far from it!) but I do know general English rules. I’m just appalled that the glaring error came from one of our largest supermarket chains.

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