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miss ene eats: Wild Oats at Punggol Park

I’m a big fan of Relish and their burgers. So when I read that the same group has opened ‘Wild Oats’ at Punggol Park, I’ve been wanting to try it. We eat at the kopitiam opposite Punggol Park quite a bit and notice that the casual restaurant looks pretty busy during dinner. I guess that’s typical for any new eateries that open in Singapore.

Last week, we finally had a chance to dine there. It wasn’t too crowded so we got a table by the water easily.


It was early evening but the sun was already setting which made for this lovely picture…

I’ve heard great things about their chendol so I couldn’t wait to try it. Thanks to FourSquare, the boy decided to get the Sambal Fish with Butter Rice (can’t remember the exact name but that’s what it was) while I had the Mushroom Burger. For starters, we shared the Golden Chicken Wings and of course, the chendol as dessert to share.

Speaking of FourSquare, the majority of reviews were bad. Simply put, many commented that it’s kopitiam food at restaurant prices. Some even remarked that the western food stall serves better food at much cheaper prices. Ooops.

Maybe it was my high expectations but when the food arrived, I wasn’t blown away. In fact, I was sorely disappointed. The chicken wings looked and tasted like har jiong gai (prawn paste chicken) which you can get from any zi char stall. It was accompanied by a chilli dip that tasted like the usual chilli you eat with chicken rice.

My mushroom burger was accompanied by baked beans and french fries which looked (and tasted) uncannily like the ones you get from the western food stall at a hawker centre. The burger was good but wasn’t out of this world. I quipped to the boy that I can replicate the mushroom burger quite easily at home. As for the sambal fish, it was pretty good but again, not earth-shattering.

When the chendol arrived, I was pretty excited. 8 Days reviewed it previously and the boy remembered that it came with a scoop of coconut ice-cream.


Thankfully, the chendol was good. In fact, it was the highlight of our meal. The coconut ice-cream was a lovely touch to the gula melaka that was drizzled all over. The downside was, this little glass of chendol costs a whopping $6!


Our total bill came up to about $42. Double gulp. I’d rather pay a little more and head back to Relish for better quality food. Or walk across the road and eat at the kopitiam. There’s great food – try the rojak, duck kway chap, fried oyster and claypot noodles from the zi char stall.

Oh and if you are with your pet, do note that they only allow pets at ONE table at the corner of the smoking corner.

Wild Oats
1 Punggol Park
Hougang Avenue 8
Tel: 68582087 


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