Moon, the heartbreaker

Last evening, we brought mooncakes to visit the boy’s aunty. She lives with her daughters and one of them has 3 kids – Jamie, Eunice and Xavier. At first, the kids were nervous about Moon’s presence, hiding behind their grandma and peeking out at Moon from behind the wall.

After a while, they warmed up to her after much cajoling from us. Jamie (the oldest at 9 years old) was the first to pet Moon and soon after, Xavier (the youngest boy at 3 years old) got in the act as well. Once they started, they didn’t stop! They were running up and down the corridor between their living room and the last bedroom at the end. Only Eunice was still nervous, hiding behind the large sofa cushions and screaming very loudly whenever Moon walked near.

It was really sweet watching the kids play with Moon and she did us proud by being on her best behaviour. She allowed them to pet and hug her, all the while sitting down quietly and calmly amidst the excitement. Good job Moon!

Finally, it was time to go home (we spent close to 2 hours there!). Xavier refused to let go of Moon’s leash and kept shaking his head when I said that Moon is tired and needs to go home and rest. He wanted Moon to stay behind with him and even said that she can sleep in his room! After allowing him to run with Moon a couple more times, we said that we really had to go.

He looked at us with a sad expression and when I jokingly invited him to come home with us so that he can stay with Moon, he agreed! Wahahahaha. In fact, when I took his hand and said, “Ok then, let’s go”, he allowed me to take his hand and walked towards the main door. His grandma and parents were all cracking up and quipped that he is leaving his family for Moon…

Eventually, we managed to make our way out of the main door and when Xavier realised that he really wasn’t going home with Moon, he burst into tears and bawled his eyes out. His grandma carried him but he managed to break away and ran towards the iron grills separating him and Moon. It was as if we were breaking up star-crossed lovers. HILARIOUS but heartbreaking to see a little boy cry so hard.

As we were walking towards the car, the boy remarked that Moon has broken Xavier’s little heart. Awwwww.

Here’s a picture of the 3 adorable kids with Moon. And of course, Xavier was sitting the closest to Moon. Heh.


7 thoughts on “Moon, the heartbreaker

      1. Not as much but my cousins all have huge dogs like Rottweiers & Great Danes so I am a bit afraid to pet them even though they can look endearing. They are also quite meek and don’t fit their stereotypes at all. They have these manja puppy dog eyes that make you melt. So poor thing.

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