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My 7 Links

I woke up this morning to the news that Lady J has tagged me in the meme titled ‘My 7 Links’. She was tagged by Bookjunkie who had her own 7 links.  It looked like quite a challenging meme since I’ve got to go dig up all my past blog entries! Like Bookjunkie, I ‘cheated’ by looking at the very useful site statistics for my blog. Heh.

I used to have a personal blog that I kept since 2002 (no kidding!) with thousands of entries. I soon stopped blogging there and instead, started a ‘house’ blog and a ‘wedding’ blog to chronicle our house-hunting and wedding preparations. Soon, it made more sense to merge both blogs into one so I moved the ‘house’ entries into the ‘wedding’ one which is what you are reading now.

It used to be known as ‘Chronicles of a Wedding’ but it seemed like a silly name post-wedding so it’s now known as ‘miss ene and the boy’. Did you know that the blog address was inspired by the boy’s favourite refrain during our wedding preparations. Whenever I asked him for an opinion on seemingly girly topics (i.e. Which flowers are better? What colour theme should we have for our wedding?), he’d quip ‘You decide lor’.

Now you know 🙂

Obviously, the wedding and house preparations are over and done with but I have continued to blog on this site about, everything and anything, really! From our favourite eating places to silly antics of Moon, this has turned into an anything-goes blog. I looked long and hard through my archive to come up with the 7 links below so here goes!

[I realised that quite a few of these links are related to our wedding but I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise since this blog was started to chronicle our wedding preps!]

1. My Most Beautiful Post – To the first important man in my life
My dad and I have a typical Asian father-and-daughter relationship. We don’t talk much (except when he’s talking and I’m just listening) and during my growing up days, my mum looked after us at home while dad was at work for most of the day. I wrote this entry on the occassion of his 63rd birthday. It just occured to me that my dad’s sixty-three. WOW. 

2. My Most Popular Post – Simplicity
‘Simplicity’ is the name of Bridal Veil’s basic wedding package. I wrote the entry because during our wedding preparations, I used to stalk surf wedding forums. Many brides-to-be were sending me personal messages asking me for the details of Bridal Veil’s package and I got a little tired answering the same question over and over again so I decided to blog about it.

3. My Most Controversial Post – The brutal truth: miss ene’s thoughts
I found an interesting article via Twitter titled ‘Why you’re not married’ and it intrigued me. So I read it for its brutal truths. Not a feel-good article but it nailed home many points that I was guilty of myself in previous relationships.

4. My Most Helpful Post – The Photoshoot
Another wedding-related post. This entry details the pre-wedding photoshoot we did with Utopia Studio at Spottiswoode Park. I am guessing that many brides-to-be searched for ‘Utopia Photography’ and ended up at this website. It was a photo-heavy entry and I added tips for brides going on pre-wedding photoshoots too. Guess that qualifies as being helpful? 😀

5. My Most Surprisingly Successful Post – The Best Girl Friend’s Speech
I blogged about the BGF’s speech because it was meaningful and lovely. I did not expect so many people searching for the term ‘best friend’s speech’ and found my entry. Maybe I should stamp ‘copyright’ over her speech. Hur hur.

6. My Most Underrated Post – How to store your wedding gown
I wrote this entry thinking that it’d be helpful for ladies looking for tips on how to store their (HUGE) wedding gowns. I remember spending quite a bit of time on the entry, taking photos, putting in captions, etc. However, as it turns out, no one left a comment and it didn’t seem all that useful after all. Darn.

7. Post I Am Most Proud Of – The journey so far
I chose this entry as one that I’m most proud of because for a long time, I wasn’t sure if I’d be comfortable putting it out on the world wide web for all and sundry to read. I placed it in the draft folder for a bit before I decided to hit the ‘Publish’ button. And for the record, we are still status quo, except that we got the dog!

So there you have it, my 7 links! Like Lady J, it took me a while to hammer out these 7 links. To continue the meme, here’s the next 3 bloggers I’m tagging:

PS. Go ahead and do your own 7 links even if you’re not tagged! It’d be lovely to reminisce some of your past entries. I know I did!

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