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NOT interested.

So last night, as the boy and I stayed up to catch the results of the Presidential Elections live on the internet and TV, Moon decided that it was way past her bedtime and headed to bed. It was the first time we have seen her in deep sleep as we’d usually be in our room while she sleeps in her bed in the living room.

As the results were nowhere to be seen, I decided to observe her instead as it was definitely more entertaining. I noticed that intermittently, she’d do this stretching thing with her front legs that cracked me up. Have a watch!

I wonder what she was doing! Was she dreaming or were her legs cramping up? LOL. Guess we’d never know 🙂

PS. I just found out that dogs sleep on their backs to stay cool as there is less fur on their underbelly. It also shows that they are at their most comfortable and secure. Awwwww. More useful information here.


4 thoughts on “NOT interested.

  1. It looks like she is dreaming. My rusty will move his body and do a tiny bark sound sometime… Me too thinks he is dreaming…

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