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Delsey, you SUCK.

I finally got down to unpacking our luggage from Danang (I HATE UNPACKING!!) and to my horror, discovered that my exactly-one-year-old luggage from Delsey is cracked! RAR!!!!!

What the hell happened??!!

I have to add that I’m not very impressed with Delsey luggages after this experience. The TSA lock that came with the luggage broke after ONE use (!) so I had to go buy my own lock to replace it. Then, the interlocking rings at the zips got dented, meaning that we couldn’t get the rings to lock properly. The boy had to use a key to pry them open so that it can work again. Soon after, one of the zippers came off so we had to fix it back.

And now, the case is cracked!

I’m so upset that I’ve emailed Delsey and Tangs (where I purchased the luggage from). Let’s see what they have to say. Hmph.


5 thoughts on “Delsey, you SUCK.

  1. i got mine at mustafa too and I also have the turn 360 degrees requirement. I feel your pain dearie. I take care of my stuff so whenever there is damage not due to anything I did, it hurts! Love the red you chose. Hope you get some kind of refund.

  2. I didn’t get mine at Mustafa – I got it at Tangs. I’m now waiting for Silkair to reply me before I contact the distributor for Delsey in Singapore regarding the repairs. Hmph.

  3. I purchased a Delsey hardcase from Robinson around October 2016. The TSA lock also broke on its first trip. That was replaced under warranty thankfully – I just to return it to Robinsons and they took care of it. Unfortunately, the case has cracked on a trip I just returned from and I doubt this will be covered. So, the moral of this story, is to not buy Delsey luggage.

    1. Hi Ashley, thanks for sharing your story. As you can tell from my entry, we had a bad experience with Delsey as well. Telling everyone we know NOT to buy the brand!

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