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Tweed(le) dee, tweed(le) dum!

During our recent visit to Danang, we headed to the tailor to get clothes made. I got myself a work suit and a tweed jacket. The worksuit (jacket and skirt) costs US$85 while the tweed jacket costs US$50. A pretty good bargain, I thought! The tweed jacket’s made of wool! Gotta find a really cold day in Singapore so that I can wear it to the office (and blast the aircon at maximum).

Here’s me with the tweed jacket before I send it off for dry-cleaning. I’m going to get the buttons changed as I think that they’re ugly.

What do you think? Yay or nay?


4 thoughts on “Tweed(le) dee, tweed(le) dum!

  1. Love the jacket! well it is actually ok lah the buttons just don’t look obvious… if you wanna get other kinds of buttons you can go People’s Park Complex at Level 2… Alot of shops selling them!

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